Uckfield & District Dog Training Club


A Kennel Club Registered Training Club (Registration Number: 980184)

Uckfield & District Dog Training Club - Classes

We run the following classes on Monday evenings (Excluding Bank Holidays):

Uckfield & District Dog Training Club Beginners Course
Class Description

Beginner Course

The course runs for ten consecutive weeks (excluding Bank Holidays) and covers the basic doggie "3 R's", walking to heel, coming when called and staying in the place that you leave it - these are the three most important disciplines for a safe and well behaved dog on which all future training is based.

We show you what to do to help you achieve good results, however we do not train your dog, you do.

We will help to socialise your dog and overcome any nerves or other problem they may have and help you to better understand your dog.

All dogs learn at different speeds, so don't become disillusioned if you feel that others are progressing faster than you. Also some breeds are more difficult to train than others. You're welcome to repeat the course if necessary. We make places available for anyone wishing to re-take classes.

General Notes: A brief outline of the aims for classes one and two and the requirements, based on Kennel Club standards, for the end of session tests.

The exercises used in each class are aimed at practising one or several of the disciplines called for in the test. Class content is largely down to individual instructors and ideas will differ from instructor to instructor but are all aimed towards the same goal - achieving the best possible test results.

The content of each test is based on the rules laid down by the Kennel Club and which apply to all registered shows.

Marking of tests is again down to individual judges.

Uckfield & District Dog Training Club Classes One and Two
Class Description Task

Class One

This class caters for beginner handlers and dogs with some basic training and dogs which have graduated from our Beginner Course.

The test is based on Kennel Club "Beginner" standard.

Note: All actions must be performed on steward's command.

Heel On Lead
Heel Free
Novice Recall - Handler to leave dog in a sit and when instructed by steward, will call dog to the 'present' position, and on steward's further command handler will bring the dog to the 'heel' position.
Retrieve - On steward's command handler will throw any suitable item. On command, handler will send dog to retrieve item and present it in a 'sit' position. On command the handler will take item and send dog to 'heel' position.

Class Two

This class is aimed at dogs that have achieved a proficient standard in class one, and are ready to progress further.

Heel On Lead
Heel Free
Recall as for class one.
Retrieve as class one but using a dumbbell as a retrieve article.